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Working With A Printer

When you sell products or services, it can be tricky to know how to get the word out about your services. Fortunately, by focusing on printing and other great marketing tactics, you can show your products in their best light and move forward in a positive way. Great printing gives you the chance to give your products a voice, since the packaging can talk about the benefits of the product, while building the brand. The purpose of this website is to help other people to understand the importance of working with a great printer who cares about showing your items in their best light.


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30 December 2019

Verbalizing a follow-up appointment or handing out

Use Die-Cut Stickers To Inform And Remind Your Clients

Verbalizing a follow-up appointment or handing out a card that reminds someone to have a refrigeration unit serviced may be quickly dismissed. When it comes time for a repair or maintenance procedure to be performed, a previous customer may look for the first business that is listed in the yellow pages. Stop losing your customers to your competitors and use personalized die-cut stickers as reminders and advertisements.

Die-Cut Stickers Are Cut Separately

A rough draft of your sticker design is created, and you can add more colors or wording to the layout if you are not pleased with the initial rendition. The size and shape of each sticker are two details that could drastically impact how people perceive your advertisement or recognize your brand name.

If your appliance business uses a mascot for most of your advertising or if you have been in business for years and use that length of time as a slogan for your business, choose a shape that is representative of the mascot or history of your company. Select an adhesive or magnetic backing for each die-cut item.

You could benefit by choosing several different sticker varieties, each with a unique shape or description. This will allow you to affix a sticker to a specific appliance type at the end of each service appointment. For example, if you service a refrigerator at one business and a washing machine at another, you can use a sticker that is representative of each appliance type. 

There Is No Need To Start Up An Awkward Conversation

It can be difficult to pinpoint when the right time is for you to broach the topic of upgrading an appliance or seeking some repairs to an older model. Maybe you think that you are coming on too strong and will appear to be desperate to drum up some business. Once you begin using die-cut items, you won't need to pitch your services as much as you previously did.

Affix a die-cut sticker or magnet to the top of each appliance and be on your way. If a customer would like to utilize your company for further services, they will call you. Die-cut items can also be used at promotional events. Bring a batch of stickers or magnets along with you and place them inside of a basket that is set up in your booth. Display a sign that invites people to take one of the stickers or magnets.

Call a company that supplies personalized die-cut stickers to learn more.