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4 Ways Grocery Stores Can Effectively Use Floor Decals

Custom-printed floor decals can completely transform the grocery store experience in a good way. As customers navigate your store, you can use floor decals in multiple areas. Custom-printed decals can feature your store branding and easy to follow directions for customers. Learn four ways to effectively use floor decals in your business.

1. Check-Out Lane Designation

Grocery stores often have different check-out lanes. You may have standard lanes, express checkout options, or self-checkout lanes. Easily distinguish between the different lanes with detailed floor decals. As a customer brings their cart up, they will see the decals and know which lane they seek out.

The floor decals can help manage orders and keep everything organized without the need for extra workers guiding customers through various lines.

2. Deli Line Orders

Deli sections in grocery stores have become more advanced than simple cheeses and meats. Your grocery store deli may include a pizza and grinder section, a fresh meal option, and other forms of cuisine like Asian foods. Keep a deli organized with floor decals representing the key order spots for specific sections.

Customers will remain in better moods when they do not have to worry about delays and have access to the correct section of a deli. A fully colored floor decal can use graphics to showcase the correct areas and make it easy for guests to order their food in the right location.

3. Social Distancing

Social distancing at the grocery store has become an essential part of shopping ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to help social distance is through floor decals. You can set up decals at areas as standing locations. The spacing between each decal will help customers maintain a proper social distance and reduce close-up interactions.

You can use the distance decals at check-out lanes or other parts of the store like an in-store bank or pharmacy.

4. New Promotions

Floor decals offer easy ways to help promote new products. You can team with a sponsored product to get floor decals with company logos and food products printed directly on the decals. You can set the decals on the floor right in front of the grocery shelf. The decal will draw the attention of a consumer and help promote the product or sale.

During seasonal occasions like Christmas or Valentine's Day, you can use the promotional decals for specials on items like flowers and special gifts. You can come up with a wide range of use for the promotional floor decals.

Plan ahead to fill your grocery store with a lot of unique floor decal options. Professional printing services can help create any decal you seek for your store.